LOOK: Andrea Brillantes shows her newly-built Mediterranean house

Last January 2, teen actress and performer Andrea Brillantes shared her dubbed ‘dream house’ on her instagram account. At the age of 17, Brillantes mentioned that the house was her ”longest and most difficult dream to come true’ which started since she entered showbiz. She also thanked her fans, the BRILLANTS, for supporting her journey from the start and helped her reach her goals.

Image from @blythe on Instagram

Her family also celebrated Christmas at their newly-built home.

Image from @blythe on Instagram
Image from @blythe on Instagram

The actress gave a glimpse of their house construction on The Gold Squad’s vlog last year and posted several pictures showcasing their hard earned home. 

Image from @blythe on Instagram

Andrea showed appreciation to her family, management and partners who made her ‘dream house’ become a reality. 

It is indeed a year of breakthrough for Andrea, who turned her dreams into reality by doing her passion in show business. 

Image from @blythe on Instagram

With God and hard work, nothing is indeed impossible. Congratulations and we are looking forward to more achievements with you, Blythe! 

HOUSE TOUR SOON? We’ll see so stay tuned!


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